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Private Jets: Journey Beyond Turbulence

It felt like we were all in a nightmare. Everything that happened in the past few months was unbelievable and now, the whole world is surviving through one of the toughest periods in its history. The situation has turned out like, being hygienic and keeping distance from others will add more years to your life.

After Covid-19 announced its appearance, the entire planet seemed like the set of an “Apocalypse Movie”.

Available, Always!

Surprisingly, one sector has proven as a huge blessing and relief. In this difficult circumstance, private jets are being a critical service provider to all the nations, in a much more realistic way than in the movie ‘2012’!

Ferofly Private Jet Charter Gulfstream Air Ambulance
Gulfstream Air Ambulance Transporting Patients

The cases in which private jets have aided this far are numerous. They were able to bypass travel bans even across countries in cases of emergency and are recognized as a safe and smart air travel solution.

Chartered planes have been a big help in bringing people, who were stuck abroad, back to their countries. Aviation companies realized the quandary of the people who were forgotten on the other side of the globe, far from home and collaborated with the government to take initiatives to bring them back.

One of such companies cooperated with Bollywood actor Sonu Sood and brought 167 migrant workers from Kerala to Odisha via private plane. Deeming their difficulties, the compassionate actor beared all the expenses and reunited the workers with their loved ones.

100% Compliant

Since private jets seated far fewer people, individuals brought through them were able to comply with the existing social distancing measures.

Airport Social Distancing During Coronavirus Pandemic

Aviation companies also cleared their parts by instructing their staff to follow the social distancing protocols and wearing protective equipment, disinfecting the planes and providing temperature checking for the passengers. 

Passengers could travel with their trusted circle of individuals and could also carry their pets in the safety of private planes. They could avoid the risk of travelling with people, with unspecified travel histories, which is a boon in the current situation.

Heroes of All Times

The way some news channels portrayed the arrival of jets with passengers from other places made private jets seem like Superheroes flying down from the sky. It’s hard not to see them that way since the people they brought home thereon brought happiness to their families.

Ferofly Beechcraft Super King Air Private Jet
Beechcraft Super Private Jet

By supplying farm commodities and other merchandise, private planes became a saviour of the struggling supply chain and frugality. 

Like an all-rounder protagonist, jets also played a significant role in the healthcare sector by performing as cargo medical flights and medical ambulances. Along with food supplies, they also transported critical medications, essential equipment, face masks, sanitizers and coronavirus rapid test kits across countries. 

Private jets’ ability to adapt to any condition enabled conveyance of essential items to isolated regions. Tonnes of medical supplies and pandemic relief materials were transported between India and other countries through private jets.

Ferofly Air Ambulance Private Jet Interior
Air Ambulance Carrying Life-saving Equipments

Their faster service made them ideal for moving infected patients to government facilities and transporting healthcare professionals across regions. The assistance of air ambulance services like Ferofly’s FeroFirst became a huge solace in such emergency situations.

In order to appreciate the heroic efforts of healthcare workers and law enforcement agencies which saved millions from the virus during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force joined together lately. 

Ferofly Black and Red Private Jet Mid Air
Black and Red Jet Plane in Mid Air

As a part of it, there were fly-pasts over hospitals and major monuments across the country and showered flower petals over them. It is incredible to observe how private jets played roles during the epidemic, from servicing to expressing gratitude.

Currently and in the future, private aviation will continue to play a key role in recovering the stability of the global supply chain and the economy.

Safety is Paramount for Ferofly

To ensure that the efforts to prevent the spread of the virus stayed intact, Ferofly implemented several superior safety measures in their aircrafts.

360-degree sanitization with 100% tech-fumigated fleets, IATA trusted advanced filtration system which traps 99.97% bacteria and viruses, and digi-touch system, are a few of our feats to bestow a safe ‘Fero’.

Safenauts, our specialized safety experts are always there to advise our passengers with all the protective measures so that they can book their private jet safely when they are on their journey of opportunity. 

We, at Ferofly, would like to convey our gratitude to all the healthcare laborers, law enforcement forces, essentials suppliers and also private jets for their remarkable services this far.

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